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    22 Things You Learn When You Get Your First 'Real' Job

    It's a cruel, cruel world out there.

    1. You're financially independent.

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    Which isn't as fun as it sounds...

    2. You'll fall out with friends, and it's gonna be harder to make new ones.

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    When you're not working, you're sleeping. When you're not sleeping, you're working. It's a vicious cycle.

    3. You're gonna get used to being tired.

    4. And you're gonna have to use skills you learned in college and then forgot you had.

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    5. People respect you way more.

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    (You think.)

    6. Your eating habits will change EVERY DAY.

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    Yesterday I had breakfast, lunch AND dinner. So today I'm just gonna drink coffee.

    7. Coffee is a friend.

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    8. Rush hour sucks.

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    9. Taxes suck.

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    Say goodbye to 20% of your pay-check!

    10. Some days you welcome tragedy.

    11. Every TWO days you feel FOUR days older.

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    12. You own NO suitable clothing for your work.

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    Unless you work in a pajama store.

    13. Your parents won't check in on you as often as they did.

    14. And you have no time to cook for yourself.

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    More effort goes into your cat's food.

    15. You're more mature.

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    16. The majority of your lunch hour is spent doing things other than eating.

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    Gotta leave the office, walk to the food court, realize they don't take card, walk to the teller machine, walk back to the food court, buy your food, sit down, realize that you only have 5 minutes left, walk back to the office whilst eating.

    17. You start planning your days around work.

    18. "Wanna catch the late screening of that movie tonight?"

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    19. You're not as smart as you thought you were.

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    20. But you're not as dumb as others said you were!

    21. You start relating to your parents A LOT more.

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    22. And a lot will be expected of you EVERY DAY.

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