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People Can't Stop Laughing At This Plank Of Wood That Looks Like It Has A Dog Trapped In It

"Knot sure if I would pet this doggo."

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This plank of wood with that looks like a dog has gone super viral.

Originally the picture was posted to Reddit by Fulmario, and had thousands of people marvelling at the cute and never ending stare of the dog in the wood.


While the original post ended up receiving more than 15,000 upvotes, the phenomena eventually died down – like most funny internet moments – until it erupted on Japanese Twitter on Wednesday morning.

"It's a doggie...."


People started saying the dog was "trapped."

"I'm trapped... it's a ruff day"

And argued over what they saw in the wooden plank.

"I saw a polar bear!"

Then someone just straight up photoshopped a dog onto some wood.

@koo4482 ラブラドールならなんでも木目になっちゃう件wwww

"Can we talk about how labradors make everything look like wood lol"

And then more dogs trapped in wood were shared.

Never change, Japan. Never change.

@koo4482 @dragoner_JP (・(ェ)・)クマー

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