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Definitive Proof Wombats Are The Best At Everything

If not the best at least the cutest.

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Sleepy Burrows is a wombat sanctuary in NSW filled with AMAZINGLY CUTE WOMBATS!

Silly muddy wombat. What are you doing?
Facebook: SleepyBurrows

Silly muddy wombat. What are you doing?

Recently they uploaded a video filled with the adorable exploits of their wombat population.

Here's a wombat testin' out water temperature.

And here's one tugging at your socks.

**can we be friends plz**

**I will give you ALL THE FREE MASSAGES!**

Apparently wombats are quite friendly with birds.

And they also have an effortless amount of swag.

Which they use in their efforts to be THE CUTEST THINGS EVER.


Judge for yourself and check out the video here!

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