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    Sydney Woke Up This Morning And The Harbour Bridge Was Gone

    Not an April Fools' joke.

    This morning commuters were left puzzled by a blanket of fog that stretched over Sydney's harbour, effectively making the Harbour Bridge disappear.

    The #Sydney Harbour Bridge is gone. THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE

    What started as a beautiful collage of fog and sunshine quickly began to turn serious.

    ICYMI A great photo of the foggy harbour this morning. Sent to us by @hmushi

    Those actually on the bridge were left to drive perilously into the abyss.

    Fog ate the Sydney Harbour Bridge. #sydney

    @smh @bencubby The morning the Harbour Bridge VANISHED. True story. 9.10am heading North.

    And everyone else just wondered what was going on.

    Breaking Sydney Harbour Bridge has disappeared, needed: floaties, dingy's, planks of wood #aprilfools #auspol

    sydney harbour bridge by nerida_ross

    Ok, so someone has stolen the @cityofsydney Harbour Bridge again ...

    The bridge eventually showed up again, revealing itself over the haze.

    Harbour Bridge wrapped in a blanket of fog. #stillasleep #harbourbridge by tiago_m_ferreira

    The #HarbourBridge is playing peekaboo πŸ‘€

    Still, let it be know. Winter is coming.

    Someone has stolen the harbour bridge!!! winter is a comin ...

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