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    16 Ridiculous Fan Theories That'll Actually Make You Think

    Muggles don't exist, and Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper from "Blues Clues" have a dark, dark secret.

    1. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper from Blues Clues are living a lie.


    Mrs. Pepper had an affair with Cayenne, which led to the birth of baby Paprika.

    As one Reddit commenter pointed out, "Cayenne is Paprika's Grandmother. It's latent genes. Don't you know how genetics work?"

    Also, spices don't have genders. But still.

    2. Professor McGonagall loves cats. A lot. Like, in that way.

    Warner Bros

    This theory is reliant on a misprint in the original edition of Prisoner of Azkaban, that changed in future editions - one that involved Crookshanks originally, but then cut him out.

    "Other than a boring misprint, the only other possibility is that someone from the future is meddling with time."

    The theory concludes that Professor McGonagall has a romantic vendetta against Hermoine's cat, Crookshanks, and that she uses the time-turner to seduce the cat.

    We already know McGonagall can transform into a cat, so it's theorised that she would turn into a cat before any form of ~intercourse~.

    It's all a bit much, really.

    3. Bane was on Batman's side the whole damn time.

    Warner Bros.

    This theory suggests that the motives of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises are misunderstood. Bane did what he did to encourage Bruce Wayne to give the figure, and idol, of "Batman" to the city of Gotham - taking out the League of Shadows along the way.

    This one is actually pretty great, and possible - if you ignore the whole "Bane tries to shoot Batman in the face with a shotgun" thing.

    4. Pigeon Man from Hey Arnold committed suicide in front of Arnold.

    View this video on YouTube

    After Pigeon Man's coops are destroyed by vandals, he turns to the edge of the roof and seemingly "flies away". Of course, this theory surmises that this was just Arnold's imagination helping him cope with the fact he just watched a good friend kill themselves.

    Side note: Hey Arnold is a ridiculously great and underrated show and you should check it out.

    5. Spider-Man's spider sense is always on, even when he doesn't realise - which subconsciously steers him towards people that are in danger.


    Which is why he's involved in way more crime stopping / action than most other heroes.

    6. Interstellar is actually about Captain Planet.

    Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed

    This one is a little more surreal, and you're gonna have to strap yourself in and just go with it. Please.

    So, Interstellar is made up of a series of waves. The wave of dust on Earth, the literal humungous wave on the dead planet, the wave of fire surrounding the black hole, and the curved wave of "new Earth" at the end of the film.

    Then, of course - there's the wave of love, which ultimately led to the protagonists ability to communicate through multiple dimensions.

    Earth + Fire + Wind + Water + Heart = GOOOOOO PLANET!

    7. Muggles don't exist, the "magic blood" is just skipping a generation.

    Warner Bros.

    This theory goes by the law that the whole wizarding world is a charade kept up by a few privileged families in order to hold onto power. It's a very complicated and very long theory that, when fully understood, makes sense - to some degree.

    Essentially, everyone has magical ability, just at different levels. The ones that have magical abilities at the more noticeable spectrum are sent a letter from Hogwarts, thus instilling in them that they are "greater than" and that muggles and wizards are two seperate entities.

    There's more to it, but I don't have all day.

    8. The infamous "non-German" three-finger gesture is not what gave the Basterds away in Inglorious Basterds.

    Universal Pictures

    Ah yes, the now often quoted "Germans do it this way" Tarantino specialty. What the film would have us believe is the reasoning behind Major Hellstrom's realisation that the Basterd's aren't actually Nazi generals, might not be the catalyst it's made out to be.

    This theory suggests that there were many things happening that gave the Basterds away, well before this.

    First - Hellstrom knows a lot about German film, and is only stopped in his prodding at Hicox's origin story because he is ushered away by Bridget von Hammersmark.

    Hellstrom is also a ~very high~ ranking officer, who says himself that he "knows ALL the German officers stationed in France." So there's that.

    Hugo Stiglitz, infamous for his killing of 13 Gestapo officers, is also present - and it's foolish to assume Hellstrom, being a highly ranked Nazi official, wouldn't recognise him.

    Read more here.

    9. Everyone in Guardians of the Galaxy has a universal translator implanted, which is why they can all understand each other. Rocket has modified his, which is why only he can understand Groot.


    "I am Groot" became the catchphrase of 2014 - the lovable tree-oaf of Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot, being restricted to those three words for most of the film. But no one understands him - except for his li'l buddy, Rocket Racoon.

    During the film we are exposed to Rocket's technical prowess, and it is this that suggests he may have fiddled with the technology seemingly given to every person in the galaxy (assuming everyone doesn't speak English).

    10. All the characters from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia look nothing like what we're led to believe.


    This theory suggests that Charlie and Frank are the only people in the cast of It's Always Sunny... that are completely comfortable with themselves, and thus, we see them as they are.

    The rest of the crew represent their own inner delusions. Dee and her dodgy back, Mac and his arms, and Dennis' vanity. They spend the series trying to understand why people won't see them as they see themselves - and it's because they're ~not~ who they think they are.

    "Though they look like TV stars to the audience of the story they are telling, they are treated like mutants by the world around them."

    11. The Dementors are so interested in Harry Potter because he has 1.125 of a soul.

    Warner Bros.

    Everyone knows the story of the "boy who lived". Aware that Voldemort loved his horcruxes, it's also well known that Harry acted as a sort of "accidental horcrux" when Voldemort first tried to kill him all those years ago. Instead of killing him, Voldemort attached a part of his soul (1/8th) to Harry.

    This theory outlines this as the reasoning behind the dementors thirst for Harry Potter. Whilst everyone around him has one, boring ol' soul, Harry has 1.125!

    12. Casper the Ghost is actually horrifying AF.

    Harvey Comics
    Silver Nitrate Pictures

    Casper the ghost is friendly. It even says it in the title of his show. So why do people run from him, horrified, all the time? Probably because, according to this theory, the way Casper sees himself and the way others see Casper differs immensely.

    I'd run. I'd run quick.

    13. Derek Zoolander's short-lived male model roommates were part of an assassination attempt.

    Paramount Pictures

    This theory says that "Wake Me Up Before You Go", the final song heard by the models before they, uh, explode in a ball of fire, was intended by Mugatu to be a second trigger to commit suicide after performing an assassination.

    It's made canon in the film that Mugatu uses songs as triggers, so why not one song for pulling off the assassination, and another for offing themselves later on when it was all done and dusted.

    But why male models?

    14. Fight Club is about puberty and masturbation.

    Fox 2000

    In Fight Club we meet the narrator at counseling sessions for sufferers of testicular cancer. He is the only one with functioning testicles. Then, a woman walks in - and he's the only one who notices. This, according to this theory, is the first step in a line of many hints linking the film to themes of puberty and masturbation.

    There's also the bro-y atmosphere of the literal fight club to consider, not dis-similar to adolescent boys, and Tyler Durden is believed to represent the Narrator's sexual awakening. Which is why in all the scenes that involve sex, Tyler is the one that's involved.

    15. In the film version of The Shawshank Redemption, Andy is a guilty, guilty, sociopath.

    Castle Rock Entertainment

    Think about it. Here we have this supremely intellectual prisoner who insists he is innocent. This theory goes so far as to suggest that Andy only ever befriended Red because he knew he could get something from him, and he speaks to people with elitist composure.

    Andy also loves chess, but has no one to play with. So he plays with the people (pawns) around him.

    16. James Bond never gets anyone pregnant because his testicles were mutilated, and we saw it in Casino Royale.


    This theory considers that serial playboy James Bond doesn't get any of his sexual partners pregnant because of *that* torture scene in Casino Royale. It is a common speculation that Casino Royale is the first sequential film in the Bond timeline, and having your testicles mutilated, as Bond does, surely wouldn't help your aims in having a child.

    Check out r/FanTheories for a bunch more!

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