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    16 People Who Totally Got What Was Coming To Them

    Let this be a lesson to ya! * shakes fist in air *

    1. This (literal) shithead.

    2. The guy who will probably never have kids.

    3. Or the guy who dared to challenge Myspace Tom.

    4. This kid.

    5. The guy who was just generally being a bit of a douche to his dog.

    6. Or this guy who thought he'd be a joker and mess other people's shit up.


    7. This jerk.

    8. Whoever thought they could get away with this.

    9. Eloise Mireles.

    10. This dog and its poop yard.

    11. Or the robber who didn't get quite what he bargained for.

    Not quite 'Oceans 11'

    12. This kid who learnt very early on that you NEVER HIT A CAT.

    Unless you're prepared to get hit back.

    13. This idiot.

    14. This genius.

    15. Anyone who thought this was a good way to spend a Saturday night.

    16. And Adam Sandler for thinking he could *totally* pull off a movie where he plays twins of the opposite sex. Totally.

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