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26 Things That Could Only Happen In Queensland


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1. This wide load.

2. This traffic obstruction.

3. This friendly snake skin just waiting to be made into a bag.

4. And this revelation.

5. This giant dick.

6. This attempt at "high fashion."

7. And these savvy salesmen.

8. This bizarre political candidate.

9. And this delightful welcome.

10. This suggestion.

11. This hot hot hot hot hot day at the superstore.

12. And this banana that doesn't bend to society's rules.

13. This bus.

14. And these people not understanding daylight savings.

15. This politician.

16. This parkour hitchhiker.

17. And this Colonel Sanders impersonator.

18. This.

19. And this $20.00 ice.

20. This dog and its new home.

21. This friendly neighborhood snake.

22. This message from All Saints Anglican Church.


24. Hail the size of TENNIS BALLS.

25. Spiders the size of your hand.

26. And of course: scary snakes eating scary crocodiles and scaring everyone in the whole God damn state.

Tiffany Corlis / Barcroft