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Police Accused This Bar Of Promoting "Unsavoury Antisocial Behaviour" With Their Wine List


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A Sydney bar is at the centre of controversy after New South Wales Police ​said its wine list promoted "unsavoury antisocial behavior.”

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In a post on the bar's Instagram, 10 William St. lashed out at the police's inquiries.

"So according to. NSW POLICE FORCE our blackboard with what we are pouring by the glass is promoting unsavoury antisocial behaviour SYDNEY WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING," it reads.

'A large number of patrons were consuming wine': startling observation by NSW Police on 10 William St #nannystate


Hate it when wine lists are "unsavoury" + "antisocial". Intended tweet sarcasm...sadly not in the police scrutiny of 10 William St. #auspol

But NSW Police said in a statement today that it had been called to 10 William St. to assist a "heavily intoxicated woman in the gutter" when they noticed the bar had a sign saying "free wine."

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The sign, which is meant to be a reference to the organic wine the bar serves, led police to question the venue's Primary Service Authorisation as a "restaurant" and not a bar.

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Police say that no tables in 10 William St. had menus on them and that there was only a "large wine list on the wall".

They then informed the owner of the bar that a "small bar" liquor license was probably more suitable, but did not take action against the business.

10 William's co-owner, Marco Ambrosino, told Broadsheet the police officers had only "popped into" their business to "show fairness" as they had visited the pub next door earlier.

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"We are a wine bar, so we put our wines by the glass at the front and hand people a menu when they sit down," said Ambrosino. "We've had it like this for six years."


Ambrosino believes the police are "painting all [bars and restaurants] with the same brush" as they continue a series of operations across Sydney to ensure the safety and security of local residents in Sydney's major entertainment districts.

The incident is just one of many over the last couple months, as Sydneysiders grow increasingly frustrated with the police's crack down on alcohol and drug use.

Yesterday, reports police had brought sniffer dogs to a public pool sparked outrage, with many frustrated with the "nanny state" actions of NSW Police. / Via

Earlier last week, a long, multi thousand-word open letter on Sydney's controversial lockout laws went viral and set off a huge response to the laws which have seen dozens of venues shut down as a result of restrictions to opening times and how they can serve alcohol.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News last week, NSW Premier Mike Baird indicated he is unlikely to consider relaxing Sydney’s controversial lockout laws.