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Looking For Something Different, This Couple Got Married On A Train

All aboard!

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Looking to find a location that was memorable and fun, the couple settled on getting married in a train, while it was on route!

Josh Wells Photography / Via Facebook: Josh-Wells-Photography

"We already had a trip to New York planned and were starting to organise a wedding," Megan told BuzzFeed News.

"We realised we would have to be creative in order to have a special and memorable wedding without putting too much stress on ourselves financially."


Ultimately, they chose to have their wedding on the train because of its uniqueness and practicality.

Josh Wells Photography / Via Facebook: Josh-Wells-Photography

"When we were brainstorming for a location for the ceremony we came up against a few hurdles, we didn't want to be outdoors in case of rain, and a lot of indoors locations we checked out were a bit dark and gloomy," says Megan.

"The train has plenty of seats, heaps of natural light through the windows and an aisle to walk down."

"We decided it would be perfect."

The train driver knew about the wedding beforehand, and the Public Transport Authority provided security for the wedding. The couple even signed the register in the priority seating section.

Josh Wells Photography / Via Facebook: Josh-Wells-Photography

"Luckily there are plenty of things to hold onto and I didn't wear stiletto heels!" Megan said.

The train was moving during the ceremony, Megan says, which meant their wedding was literally moving around the city of Perth as they said their vows.

Josh Wells Photography / Via Facebook: Josh-Wells-Photography

"We caught the train from Fremantle to the city (about 30 minutes) and then back to Swanbourne station where the Book Cafe is located right next to the station (our reception venue). We were officially married by Loch street station."

And the guests for the wedding believed they were on their way to a secret location for their engagement party, so it was all a total surprise!

"Our friends and family were surprised but everyone is really happy for us and realises that the quirky location is suited to our personalities and our joint sense of adventure and fun. Everyone had fun and got into it once they realised what was going on. Our nieces and nephews loved it."