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    Here's How Australian Trump Supporters Watched The Election

    Former federal MP Ross Cameron took over a rugby club this morning to fill it up with Trump cutouts and watch the election unfold.

    It's 9am on Wednesday morning in Australia, and around 20 people have gathered on the first floor of Sydney's NSW Rugby Club to watch the results trickle in from the United States' presidential election.

    Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed News

    Former federal MP and vocal Trump supporter Ross Cameron has organised the event, bringing together other local conservatives including former Labor party leader Mark Latham and Spectator editor Rowan Dean.

    A projector live-streams Fox News with the sound muted as people huddle together in groups of two and three. It's still too early in the count to know who's winning.

    Brad Esposito for BuzzFeed News

    "So far I feel like we've definitely got a pulse... it's not gonna be any sort of a Hillary landslide," Ross Cameron tells BuzzFeed News.

    "I wouldn't say I'm confident [Trump is going to win] but I am rationally hopeful for a new Trump presidency of the United States. I will be thrilled for the world, I will be pleased for Australia."

    "The truth is, Hillary Clinton has never seen a donor she doesn't like, and she's never seen a war she doesn't like."

    Jay Bacik, former Life Education CEO – the health education service famous for Healthy Harold, the puppet giraffe used in Australian schools to teach kids how to make healthy choices – is also at the event, and shows off his Trump brand suit and tie.

    Nicholas Wray for BuzzFeed News

    "This is vintage," he tells BuzzFeed News. "This tie used to be $150 in Macy's in the '80s ... I got it for $15."

    "I only signed up as a member of the Liberal party six weeks ago," says Bacik. "You know, it's just, it's time."

    Ice cold Budweisers and Coors Light are propped up at the bar, free for consumption. A small toddler scribbles on a whiteboard as her father tries to teach her how to write "Trump". She's more interested in colouring over it.

    Ross Cameron is adamant a Clinton presidency will only be "more of the same".

    "We have to re-affirm the Martin Luther King idea," he says. "The [idea that the] content of a person's character is what counts rather than identity, ethnicity, sexual preference. All of these things should just dissolve into an American dream built around the individual who wants to improve his or her life."

    "Hillary is just a composite of two men, which is Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. If you take two men out of Hillary Clinton, there's basically nothing left, it's basically just H20 in the human body. She doesn't actually stand for anything."

    "Trump represents a chance to hit the reset button. Trump is not without risk, Trump is not without flaws, but he is clearly the superior candidate for the United States and the world."

    When the topic of Trump's wildfire attitude and unpredictability is brought up, Cameron has a clear message.

    "Wait and see," he says. "I say 'wait and see'."


    Life Education, and the Healthy Harold character, has existed since 1978. A previous version of this report cited Jay Bacik as the mastermind of the Healthy Harold character. He is not. Bacik was CEO of Life Education until retiring last year.

    Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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