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    The Wallabies Will Win The World Cup Because Chuck Norris Said So

    "I will be right at their side, playing in the game."

    Appearing on Channel 9's Today Show, Chuck Norris has praised the Wallabies and picked them to take win the Rugby World Cup grand final this Saturday night.

    Channel 9

    The martial arts master and cultural icon also talked about the thousands of memes that have spawned from his persona, and said the public won't see him running for President of the United States any time soon.

    A lot of the interview involved Karl Stefanovic and Norris flirting, with Karl saying this was probably "the biggest interview" he's ever done (he's also interviewed Grumpy Cat and the Dalai Lama).

    Norris said he had heard plenty about Karl, though.

    "I have a lot of friends in Australia, they're always telling me about Karl," he said. "I know what you're doing Karl."

    Attention then turned to Chuck Norris' love of rugby, and his pick for the Rugby World Cup.

    Channel 9

    Norris said there was no way the All Blacks would prevail, because he'll will be right at the Wallabies' side, playing in the game.

    Thanks Chuck, same to you.

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