This Wedding Photo Went Viral After The Photographer Promised To Donate Three Dollars For Every Facebook Share

    A bush wedding and a charity drive.

    A wedding photograph has gone viral after the photographer offered to donate three dollars for every share it received on Facebook over 24 hours.

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    The campaign was started by Edwina Robertson, who wanted to raise awareness of the ​drought​ in rural Australia that is seeing many ​farmers close their properties*​ and leave the countryside.


    "I had something visual," Robertson, who runs a wedding photography business, told BuzzFeed News, "and a story to go with it. With both of these I thought it was a fabulous way to highlight the need for funds for this charity."

    Robertson chose a photo of a wedding party walking through the Australian outback.


    She included a story with the photo, in which she detailed the bride's family's struggles with the harsh desert climate.

    "In the same week of this day, Ingrid's (the bride) family destocked (sold all of their cattle) their property," she wrote.

    "A hard and heart wrenching decision to make based on the brutal realities of financial hardship with feeding their stock and the uncertainty of when a change in season was to come. Such a huge down, in a week of huge highs."

    So far, $25,000 has been raised - with a final goal of $50,000. The success of the campaign surprised Robertson, who has seen her Facebook followers spike upwards as the photo was shared again and again.


    "This has escalated to much more then I, the committee at Tie Up The Black Dog [the charity she Edwina is donating to] or the newlywed could ever dream. It's a win-win for all involved."


    Following the success of the concept, Robertson has now launched a site where people can donate their own three dollars to the cause.


    You can donate to the charity here and follow Edwina's Facebook here.

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