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Did A New Vegemite Cadbury Chocolate Leak Online?

A really good photoshop, an April Fools' joke, or 100% real?

Yesterday, Reddit user Morrosis uploaded a photo of this Vegemite Cadbury block of chocolate.

The posting quickly attracted a lot of attention and upvotes on the site, with over 200 comments surrounding the authenticity of the chocolate being made.

One user claimed to be at the Woolworths conference when the chocolate was "launched."

But as another commenter points out, a quick google of the chocolate comes up with nothing.

And another claimed that they "knew someone" affiliated with Cadbury who was talking about upcoming flavours they'd been experimenting with.

Of course, this is all hearsay.

BuzzFeed has reached out for comment from Cadbury multiple times, as well as tweeting the Cadbury Australia twitter profile for confirmation, which was not given.

  1. So what do you think, is it real?

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So what do you think, is it real?
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    Yes, it's real and this is a leak.
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    No, that's obviously a fake.
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    If it's not real I SURE WANT IT TO BE!

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