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    Students Removed From US Election Party For Chanting "Grab Her By The Pussy"

    "Build that wall, lock her up, drain the swamp."

    Students were removed from a US election party at Australia's prestigious University of Sydney on Wednesday for chanting "grab her by the pussy".

    Rowdiest of the bunch have been kicked out but still chanting as they leave: "No more leftist bullshit! PC is over! Stop crying about it!"

    Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images

    The event was happening at the university's Manning Bar when a small group of the 500-odd students in attendance began the chants, which also included "build that wall," "lock her up," and "drain the swamp".

    Freelance journalist Jess Hill was at the event, and tweeted about the altercation. Others echoed Hill's claims.

    Trump supporters at Sydney Uni gleefully yelling 'grab them by the pussy! That's how we do it!'

    we've got Sydney Uni students chanting 'grab them by the pussy' in celebration right now. Our educated youth elite.

    The University of Sydney acted quickly to remove the men, citing a breach of the university's code of conduct.

    @jessradio participants have been removed. University does not endorse and will not tolerate such behaviour.

    Some participants removed by security from on-campus election event. Attendees reminded to observe Code of Conduct.

    But many tweeted their disappointment and anger with the university.

    Did anyone expect anything better from Sydney Uni?

    Holy shit. Seriously??? I expect so much better from you Sydney uni student. I'm so ashamed.

    @Sydney_Uni students celebrate Trump victory by shouting 'grab em by the pussy'. Slow clap, 'leaders of tomorrow'.

    Given the behaviour of young Libs of Sydney uni that I have witnessed personally they they're loving Trump is not surprising at all

    @jesscruicky there are already people around Sydney Uni yelling “grab her by the p***y! That's how we do it!”. I am scared for us.

    The University of Sydney's United State's Studies Centre, who hosted the event, said in a tweet Wednesday afternoon that security was taking a "no tolerance approach to inappropriate or offensive language".

    Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images