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    This Is What Urban Dictionary Thinks Of Your Home Town

    You're all responsible for this.


    Best part: Great for sport.

    Worst part: Also great for heroin.


    Best part: It's an amazing place.

    Worst part: Under water a lot.


    Best part: The best hole above ground.

    Worst part: Also the biggest hole above ground.


    Best part: Claims to have the best lifestyle in the Western world.

    Worst part: Highest burglary rate in the country, lots of freeways.

    Gold Coast.

    Best part: The fucking amazing beaches etc.

    Worst part: Apparently it's full of racists.


    Best parts: Green grass, naked trees. The most beautiful place in Australia.

    Worst parts: It is a hole. There are shitty suburbs & Victorians.


    Best part: Rivalry with Wollongong.

    Worst part: Not much to see there now.

    Sunshine Coast.

    Flickr: neilsingapore / Creative Commons

    Best part: Best people. Sick Beaches. In QLD (awesome state)

    Worst part: Very aggressive inhabitants. "Suck shit if you live anywhere else during the disaster season!"


    Best part: Where the Powerpuff girls live. Low on crime as such.

    Worst part: There is very little that is interesting to do.


    Best part: Used to be nice.

    Worst part: Now it is swarming with tools and racists. Shitty population.


    Flickr: leoville / Creative Commons

    Best part: A city in Tasmania.

    Worst part: This is all there is to say about Hobart.


    Flickr: 86792135@N04 / Creative Commons

    Best part: It's a small town.

    Worst part: It is a hole.


    Best part: Home to the esplanade and a lot of people.

    Worst part: Lots of gangs, skaters, crews and wannabe scene kids.


    Best part: God hangs out there.

    Worst part: It's where people go to die.


    Best part: 2% of the population are rich.

    Worst part: 98% of the population are dirt poor.


    Flickr: 25653307@N03 / Creative Commons

    Best part: Lots of clubs and bars.

    Worst part Lots of drunk people.


    Best part: Very persuasive, alluring.

    Worst part: It's really cold.


    Flickr: tgerus / Creative Commons

    Best part: Has cows.

    Worst part: The worst place in Australia.


    Best part: Home of Bundy Rum.

    Worst part: Also a shit boring place to live (if you're still alive.)

    Coffs Harbour.

    Best part: Historic hotels.

    Worst part: Hostile people. No jobs. Judgmental place.

    Hervey Bay.

    Flickr: tk_five_0 / Creative Commons

    Best part: Good for sneaking out and getting drunk.

    Worst part: Only one Maccas.


    Best part: A town in NSW.

    Worst part: Country music.

    Byron Bay.

    Flickr: roystonrascals / Creative Commons

    Best part: Renowned for its beaches. Whale watching. Surfing.

    Worst part: The locals will call you a cunt.

    Alice Springs.

    Flickr: intervene / Creative Commons

    Best part: A lovely small town.

    Worst part: It's shit to live there. Full of mad wannabe's. And racists (probably)


    Flickr: akc77 / Creative Commons

    Best part: The place to go if you're Lebanese.

    Worst part: Known for riots.


    Flickr: fransdewit / Creative Commons

    Best part: Good for those that like repetition.

    Worst part: Often filled with bogans.


    Best part: Greater than everywhere else.

    Worst part: A lot, apparently.

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