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14 People Who Have Won The Pizza Game

This is how you pizza.

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1. Whoever ordered this squad of delivery bikes to their door.

2. The person who managed to score a pan AS WELL as their pizza.

3. The people who managed to truly create the leaning tower of pizza (boxes).

4. The person who ordered pizza regardless of their hardcore lifestyle.

5. These guys.

6. This person who has no issue with calling up and changing their order (for the right reasons).

7. The guy who figured the best way to avoid burning their mouth on the delicious, piping hot filling of a Pizza Pocket.

8. The creator of the pizza cake.

9. The creator of this perfect Bloody Mary.

10. The person who knows pizza tastes best when it has been through a journey.

11. The person who ordered pizza with a slice of motivation.

12. This pizza warrior.

13. The girl proving that pizza has multiple purposes.

14. And Motherfucker Mike.