Twitter Saved This Guy From Accidentally Eating A Super Poisonous Fish

    Always tweet before you eat.

    On Saturday, Narathiga (not his real name), a 20-year-old student, went fishing in Japan just like he does every month.

    It was a rainy day, and Narathiga's fishing rod needed repairs, but he found a new rod and then carried on to do some fishing.

    He had a successful day, catching a big, beautiful fish covered in blue patterns, and tweeting about how excited he was to eat it.

    でっかいカワハギ釣りました!! これからキモ醤油にして食べます!!!

    "Caught a huge thread-sail filefish!!" he wrote. "I’m going to eat its intestine with soy sauce now!!!"

    However, Narathiga hadn't caught a thread-sail filefish. He had actually caught a scrawled filefish, which has a toxin in its intestine 70 times more poisonous than the poison in a pufferfish. So... it's pretty poisonous.

    People were understandably worried for Narathiga's health. Especially when he stopped tweeting.

    "You can't eat the intestine!!"

    "Are you dead?"

    "Are you okay!? are you alive ?!"

    @narathiga 大丈夫ですか?!生きてますか?!?

    Narathiga's tweets about the fish have received thousands of retweets, including one where he explains that he released the fish after reading warnings on Twitter.

    ソウシハギについてですが 注意のリプを貰ったときにリリースしました 特に〆などを行わなかったため個体は泳ぎ去りました また、浮上しなかった件に関してですが圏外だったのと電池切れが原因で遅くなってしまいました お騒がせして申し訳ありません

    "About the scrawled filefish: I released it when I received a reply of warning. I didn’t drain blood or anything, so it swam away. Also about not responding, I was at a place with no reception and my battery died, so I could not reply soon. I apologise for causing troubles."

    Narathiga told BuzzFeed News he hoped his slight brush with death would raise awareness about scrawled filefish.

    "I would've been dead instantly if my phone didn't tweet," he said.