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    The Absolute Best Tumblr Reactions To The Australian Government

    Oh, Tumblr. You cheeky thing, you.

    Following the introduction of the Liberal government's controversial #budget2014, Tumblr users went a little crazy.

    Both sides had a voice.

    But Tony Abbott certainly copped most of the flack.

    Like, it got pretty intense.

    Probably not the most collectable card out there.

    Some opened old wounds.

    And the budget was a major issue.

    Of course Joe Hockey was involved.

    Fair to say his time on Q&A didn't go too well...

    Tumblr users combined their love of Game of Thrones with their disdain for the government.

    Some of the creations were just down right weird...

    Or violent...

    And some were really impressive.

    But most of all this seemed to show up a lot...