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No, The Trump Hotel In Las Vegas Does Not Have "Hillary For Prison 2016" On It

Not yet, anyway.

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A lot of people are sharing an image on Twitter showing the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas with the phrase "Hillary for Prison 2016" lit up on the outside.

It could happen if a Republican is elected POTUS but it won't be in 2016. Enlist at Join!

The American people are DONE with career politicians "VOTE 4 TRUMP" #LasVegas #Trump2016 #NVcaucus @PeoplesVuePoint

Here's the thing: It's fake.

The original, unaltered image is the first result when you google "Las Vegas Trump Hotel", and someone has just worked some Photoshop ~magic~ to do the rest.

It's been shared since early 2016, and Trump supporters have been the driving force behind it going viral once more. Some of them even acknowledge the image is fake but "wish he would do it".

@RealAlexCorey @JaredWyand No, it's a meme but I wish he would do it. Maybe we can give him a hint.

Of course, it should be noted that #HillaryForPrison2016 is a slogan Donald Trump himself has endorsed on Twitter.

There ya have it. Another fake thing not to retweet (unless you want to).

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