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Someone Has Turned The "Totally Wild" Theme Into A Deadset Banger

That which is old becomes new again.

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G'day kids. Did you happen to watch a little show called Totally Wild when you were a kid? Of course you did.

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Totally Wild was all about animals, and was probably the main reason you rushed home from school to switch on your TV.

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Of course, the show's iconic for more than that. Namely, its insane theme song.

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And its cute little mischievous frilled-neck lizard logo.

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Well, now someone's bundled all that goodness together and created the new theme for your nights out: Totally Wild: The Rave Version.

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Indulge your ears.

Now you don't have to separate your "rave" time and your "learning about native animals" time. Hoorah!

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