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    14 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The Sydney Tornado

    A tornado flew around Sydney the other day excuse the mess it made it usually doesn't rain.

    1. A severe thunderstorm warning with the possibility of tornadoes was announced for Sydney this morning, and everyone dealt with it predictably well.

    fuck u tornados I will fite u 1 on 1

    2. The storm started in Cronulla in Sydney's south before making its way over the airport and towards the CBD.

    A 200km/h tornado and massive hail at Cronulla? I guess we found out whose god is real after all..

    3. Some accused Disney of using the tornado as a promotion for the latest Star Wars.

    Okay Disney, the Star Wars oranges were cute but a tornado is too much #sydneystorm #StarWars

    4. While others worried about their Christmas decor.

    I am seriously so concerned for my Christmas lights that I hung up can this tornado pls not come my way

    5. Melbourne sneered at another state also experiencing weather as only Melbourne does.

    Typical Sydney, getting a Tornado warning after Melbourne made them popular 🙄

    6. It was all a bit much.

    [my extremely long mullet floats upwards and drifts horizontally] storm's comin

    7. And a tiny bit scary.

    oh god, sharknado is coming true #sydneystorm

    8. Sydneysiders began looking for reasons behind the weather phenomenon.

    these tornadoes attack us because howard took our guns and left us defenceless

    9. It was very much a Sydney-focused event.

    People not in Sydney: delete your accounts

    10. Some reacted to the storm as only a true-blue Aussie could.

    How do you know there's a #SydneyStorm? Cause cunts will fucking go off their tits about it.

    11. Others, well...


    12. I mean, was anyone thinking about what this meant for the FUTURE??!?!?!??!

    but what will the tornado mean for sydney's property prices and its elite private schools (many of which have asian students)

    13. This guy just ignored it.

    Crazy view from my desk during the #sydneystorm

    14. But at the end of the day, this guy was just worried about his basil.

    Suddenly very nervous about my basil pot plant on my balcony in Bondi. #sydneystorm #sydnado

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