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'Tony Abbott's On Pingas' Is Probably The Most Bizarre Thing You'll See Today

Is this Deep Web yet?

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Y'know how we have that Prime Minister guy, Tony Abbott?

Ruben Sprich / Reuters / Reuters

Well someone has made a Facebook page which is probably the weirdest collection of Abbott memes on the internet.

I mean, what?

And they've branched into Instagram so they can harass ol' K-Rudd.

Whether or not Tony is "on pingas" is not yet determined. (Probably not)

Like, this isn't doge.'s close? IDK.

Seriously WTF is this?

I **do not** touch your tralala

Also not certain but pretty sure this is Photoshopped.

I've never seen Tony in a bucket hat?

I've never seen Tony in a bucket hat?

And this I mean there's just so much...wrong...with this...

Look, I'm pretty sure there were other motives to buying those fighter jets.

This is just wrong on so many levels.


I give up. I mean. Just. It's over. Game over man.