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Tom And Abby From "Queer Eye" Just Got Engaged And I'm Catastrophically Shook


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If you've watched Netflix's Queer Eye you're probably familiar with Tom Jackson, the star of the rebooted series' first episode.

Here's a gif of Tom, just because ❤️Tom❤️

But earlier this month, Tom broke the hearts of the world when he announced their romance had ended once more.

I just watched my episode for about the 20th time. I cry 😭 like a baby 👶 ever time I watch it. Just to let the world 🌎 know, Abby and I are no longer together. She will always be the love ❤️ of my life. I will always love ❤️ her more than anything!!!!!!!


People were, understandably, upset.

@Phelps_katie910 @TomJack20176306

BUT! Things changed again, when a week later Tom announced he and Abby were back together again!!!!!

So happy 😀 to say that Abby and I are reunited 💝 we’ve loved each other for many years and want to spend the rest of our lives together!!!!!!!! 💑


And now – after another few days of peaceful bliss – Tom has announced he and Abby aren't just still together: THEY. ARE. FRICKIN'. ENGAGED!!!!!!!

It’s official, Abby and I are engaged. What a Netflix special the would be. If the Fab 5 planned and attended our wedding!!!!!!!!!

People are pretty chuffed for Tom and Abby.

@tmtknowsdrama @TomJack20176306 The single ray of sunlight in my life

@TomJack20176306 😭💘 love me a happy ending!! now im crying omg so much love and happiness to you


@TomJack20176306 @wafflepizza i’m deceased

@TomJack20176306 Congratulations Tom🥂🎉 THIS IS THE BEST NEWS OF THE DAY BY A MILE