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    Three Million People Have Watched This Video Of Toddlers Riding Sheep

    Ollie and James have had pet sheep Dotty and Sinead since they were lambs.

    This is Ollie. He's riding his pet sheep, Dotty, whilst his brother chases their other sheep, Sinead, eager for a ride.

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    Sally Steiner, the boys' mother, uploaded a video of the pair riding sheep a few days ago and it quickly went viral.

    The original video has almost three million views and tens of thousands of shares.

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    Sally told BuzzFeed News that the sheep were James' pet lambs and are the only sheep the family owns.

    Sally didn't originally know about the boys' sheep riding, describing the night she began to think something was up.

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    "I had heard some screaming and laughing the night before and asked the boys what they were up to - they said they were riding the sheep - I thought maybe they might have been trying to - but probably not successfully! We were outside the next day doing things around the place and when we were in the paddock they started playing with them and Oliver just jumped on Dotty."

    "She loves it - wags her tail and comes back for more."

    The video was originally only sent to "a few friends," before it was put on Facebook, Sally says.

    There you have it: Sheep Riding, the next Olympic sport.