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    4 Aug 2015

    This Cat Always Looks Confused And It's Super Cute

    Tilly the ragdoll was rescued by the RSPCA and nurtured back to full health.

    This is Tilly. Tilly is unable to move her head from a 45 degree angle after life-threatening injuries sustained during an attack.


    Hannah Burfitt of the RSPCA NSW said Tilly was brought to the RSPCA as an injured kitten.

    "The trauma affected her inner ear and turned into an infection, which wasn't treated and then got worse," Hannah told BuzzFeed News. "Once we gave her antibiotics she quickly recovered, but didn't regain the ability to move her head straight again."

    As a result, Tilly now looks pretty darn confused about everything.


    But not to worry - Tilly is 100% back to health now and is set to be adopted by Hannah's parents - who already have two other ragdoll rescues.


    In the mean time, Tilly is enjoying her continued (lopsided) recovery.


    If you're looking to rescue an animal you can find more information about the RSPCA here.

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