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    29 Things That Prove Bali Is The Craziest

    Sexy taxis, midget boxing and tiger sex. And that's just the beginning.

    1. This plane just chillin' in someone's backyard.

    2. And this kite shark ready to soar into your nightmares.

    3. This orgy of bees on the inside of a tree trunk.

    4. And this dog on the back of a four wheeler like it ain't no thang.

    5. These Russians at the beach.

    6. The one stop genuine shop till you drop fixed price 100% fake shop.

    7. Signs like this:

    8. And internet cafes like this:

    9. DVDs like this:

    10. And TV/Movie mashups you never expected.

    11. Dogs that look like this:

    12. And thongs that look like this:

    13. Sidecars made from scratch!

    14. Local advertising like this:

    15. Literal warning signs:

    16. And magic promises:

    17. Lovely car decals on the front:

    18. Lovely decals on the back:

    19. Monkeys having sex out your window.

    20. Monkeys having sex on you.

    21. And tigers having sex.

    22. Cheese flavoured TimTams.

    23. Fashionable clothing:

    24. Plenty of stickers to take home for the kids.

    25. And some for your friends:

    26. Magic Mushroom delivery service:

    27. Clothing you can apologise with:

    28. Street art that looks like this:

    29. And sexy cab drivers that can get you to your sexy destination in a sexy car for a sexy price.