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Thousands Of People Are Sharing This "Reminder" That A Political Party Is Anti-Vaccination

The Health Australia Party is being widely criticised after it was labeled a "bogus name for anti-vaxxers".

The Health Australia Party is under fire after high profile media personality Mia Freedman urged her followers to remember the party's stance as "a bogus name for anti-vaxxers" when voting in the federal election this Saturday.

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In a post on her Facebook page today, Freedman warned that Australian voters "could be fooled by this" and that the HAP may end up with a seat in the senate.

"[It] would be disastrous for the actual health of Australians. Especially babies and anyone with a compromised immune system who are vulnerable to diseases like whooping cough which can kill."

The Health Australia Party recently drew the number one spot on the NSW senate ballot, and was labelled "dangerously alternative" by the deputy chair of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Sue Page, last week.

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Page was critical of the party's founder, naturopath Andrew Patterson, who she says prides himself on his 90% effective "homeopathic immunisation".

"Putting it politely as I can", Page told the ABC, "homeopathic vaccination is crap."

Hundreds of people have commented Freedman's original Facebook post, with many arguing about what the Health Australia Party's policy on vaccination is.

The party's official website is currently down. However, on its Facebook page, the HAP uploaded a response to the Australian Medical Association president's comments, denying that the party is "anti-vaccine".

Facebook: HealthAustraliaParty

"Our policy clearly states that the HAP supports safe and effective immunisation," it says. "Our opposition to the No Jab No Pay legislation is on the grounds clearly stated on our website. It makes us a party who stands for civil rights, and for the Nuremberg convention concerning informed consent in invasive medical procedures. It does not make the party 'anti-vacc'."

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Health Australia Party for comment.

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