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This Woman And Her Family Dress Up As Each Other On Mother's Day And It's Perfect

This year was the first time her dad got involved.

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This is Michelle Chow, a national account manager who lives in Orlando, Florida. She is holding a sloth.


For the past three years Michelle and her brother, Vincent, have been organising a special family photo for Mother's Day – one of the few times in the year that the whole family is together.

"I wanted to celebrate how funny [my mother] is," Michelle told BuzzFeed News. "I came up with the idea to swap some clothes for a family photo and my friends loved it."

This year, Michelle's dad finally agreed to get involved – and it probably produced the best photo so far.


"He gave me a firm 'no' when I originally presented the idea, but as soon as I showed him everyone's costumes, I saw a little smile and I knew I closed the sale," said Michelle.

"I didn't even bother asking him to be part of the actual 'swap', I just counted my lucky stars that he said yes to getting dressed in the first place."


Michelle posted her family photo to Reddit the night after Mother's Day, not thinking anything of it. When she woke the next morning, it had rocketed to the front page and people were loving the idea.

"I'm happy my family was able to bring a smile to people's faces and I plan on continuing the tradition every year," said Michelle.