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    This Is What Happens When A Bunch Of Strangers Take Off Their Pants

    The annual 'No Pants Ride' has reached Australia

    The 'No Pants' idea is a global phenomenon and the brainchild of Improv Everywhere.

    There's a documentary on them! Check it out:

    View this video on YouTube

    A lot of people show up.

    And it's taken pretty seriously.

    Here's a couple in Kiev, Ukraine!

    Gleb Garanich / Reuters


    Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters


    Tyrone Siu / Reuters

    And this is Brussels!

    Eric Vidal / Reuters

    Finally Adelaide has done their bit for Australia and broken their record for attendees.

    Some were timid in their approach.

    Whilst others were more...obvious?

    This guy was ready well ahead of schedule.

    All ages were welcome!

    And even superheroes got in on the action:

    Look at this delightful trio:

    New York / Los Angeles / Adelaide

    No amount of injuries could stop them.

    And some never-nudes were present.

    There was a record turn out this year - LET'S DOUBLE IT IN 2015!

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