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This Is The Only Depiction Of The Packer Vs Gyngell Fight You Need

Those geniuses at TomoNews have done it again!

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The following footage from Taiwan's TomoNews may or may not be completely accurate.

On Sunday afternoon Australian billionaire James Packer and his friend of 35-years David Gyngell had a very public brawl in Bondi, Sydney.

Obviously, James arrived rather literally ON his private jet.

Surfs up dudeeee

And then did a (quadruple?) front-flip.

Crouching Packer, Hidden Gyngell.

But they didn't go at it then and there. NO. First they had a nice candle-lit daylight lunch.

AND THEN began their bout.

All while the apparently shark-finned Rupert Murdoch laughed along to the photos he was about to buy...


Oh, you guys.

Watch the whole thing here.

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