This Guy's Story About His Lost Pug Is Hilarious

    "This is not my dog. This is not Bella."

    This is Luke Neville, his brother James, and their pug Bella.

    Facebook: luke.neville.37

    Luke lives on the New South Wales south coast in a sleepy surf town called Culburra. He's been there about 12 months – just him, his brother, and their pug.

    Over the weekend, Luke and his brother were left in a panic when Bella went missing.

    "We were having breakfast with the front door open and she must have snuck out at some stage," Luke told BuzzFeed News. "Then the hunt began."

    Luke and his brother searched for hours, telling their friends in the neighbourhood that Bella was missing. He posted a photo on Facebook and told anyone who lived in the area to keep an eye out.

    And then something ridiculous happened.

    Facebook: luke.neville.37

    One of Luke's friends saw a "found dog" sign and got in contact with the sign poster. When the person who put up the sign said the dog was a pug, Luke's mate assumed it was Bella and promptly picked it up to take it home.

    "My mate saw the sign and thought it was Bella," Luke said. "So they picked up the pug and dropped it in my house."

    Facebook: luke.neville.37

    When Luke got home he realised pretty quickly all was not normal with Bella.

    "I got home from a search, I thought it was Bella back home so I started patting her before realising something was off," he said.

    So now Luke had a dog in his house (good), but it wasn't ~his~ dog (not good).

    Luke got in contact with the local council ranger, who told him that they had a pug matching Bella's description in the pound. In the meantime, Luke was left with the other pug (whom he named Not-Bella) for the night.

    Checking the local lost pets listings, Luke saw that *another* pug had gone missing that day, and the owners were desperately looking for it. He concluded that the dog he had in his house, Not-Bella, belonged to these people.

    Not-Bella's owner arrived yesterday morning and confirmed the dog was hers. She'd been to two dog pounds earlier that day searching for the little pug.

    Facebook: luke.neville.37

    Luke took one last photo with both pugs and then said his goodbyes. Not-Bella returned to her owner's house on the other side of Culburra, and Bella returned to her home with the Neville brothers.

    Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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