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This Girl Found Her Brother Who Was Put Up For Adoption 19 Years Ago And It Will Make You Cry

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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This is Jazmin and her little brother Jibril. A few days ago they met for the first time.

The story goes like this: Jazmin is 24-years-old. Her little brother Jibril is 19. They share the same father. Jibril was given up for adoption at birth by his mom (Jazmin's stepmom) and their dad. Born in North Carolina, Jibril ended up living in Texas.

On March 4, while Jazmin and her family were watching the Duke vs. North Carolina basketball game, her stepmom decided to try searching for Jibril on Google.

She tried spelling Jibril's name differently, and added "Texas," where she knew he was living. Amazingly, Jibril's face popped up.
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She tried spelling Jibril's name differently, and added "Texas," where she knew he was living. Amazingly, Jibril's face popped up.

"She was in complete shock!" Jazmin told BuzzFeed News. "After 19 years, she was looking at her first born. She instantly started crying and reached out to my sister [Taianna] and told her she had found him. [Then] my sister started crying and freaking out."

So we just met my brother for the first time today after waiting for 19 years! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #adoptionstorywithahappyending

Taianna noticed Jibril had Twitter and sent him a message.

"Hi Jibril, my name is Taianna and I live in North Carolina and I think you are my older brother," she wrote. "Would you be open to talking to me?" Jibril replied, and asked Taianna for her parents' first names.

Jibril told BuzzFeed News he only knew his parents' first names, and was gobsmacked when the names matched.

"She sent me a picture of her and my little brother [Keyshawn] and I was in shock," he said. "After that I gave her my number and I talked to everyone on FaceTime."


When he told his foster parents that his birth family in North Carolina had found him, they were extremely happy.

"I found out about this side of my family when I was 17 and I would tell myself all the time that I wanted to meet them one day, and I knew when the day came I would be so emotional and happy," he said.

"It was a life changing moment. My [adoptive] parents were so happy I couldn't stop them crying when I told them because they knew how important this was to me."

Jibril flew to North Carolina on Sunday and surprised his baby bro Keyshawn. The whole thing is on video and super cute.

Surprised my little brother after 19 years πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌβ€πŸ˜­

Jazmin said the family will visit Jibril in Texas one day, but it'll take a bit more planning to organise her siblings and parents.

I be waking up and thinking like damn....we really found our brother through twitter lol

In the meantime everyone is chilling out and catching up on lost time.


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