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    This Frog Looks Like It Has A Massive Dick And It's Very Confusing

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    1. This morning while looking through Facebook I stumbled upon an image that has shaken me to the very core. Here are three successive photographs of a frog with what appears to be a huge penis.



    Now, let's explain. What you just saw, while it appears to be an incredibly well-endowed amphibian, isn't actually a frog with a big ol' dick.

    See, frogs don't have dicks.

    Gerry Marantelli from the Australian Amphibian Research Centre told BuzzFeed News it was most likely an "extra partially formed leg".

    It's impossible to know what the growth truly is without seeing the potential frog dong first-hand, but Marantelli believes the extra leg theory to be the most likely.

    "It's not a penis, frogs don't have them, but penises did evolve from 'legs' during embryonic development so an extra leg is part way there," he said.

    "Amphibians in one way likely invented the penis (albeit not the modern one)."

    An example of early-amphibian peen is the tailed frog. Males of this extremely primitive species of frog have an extension from their reproductive tract to funnel sperm.

    Anyway, here's the "frog dick" a few more times.

    This one even has a li'l bit of dew on it.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted the original poster of the frog pics, and will hopefully update this post with more information on the frog and its possible penis.