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    27 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In Queensland

    Where else but?

    1. Queensland is BIG

    2. REALLY BIG.

    3. And exotic.

    Paul D'Ambra / Via

    4. And it's home to these bad boys.

    Marco Saracco/Marco Saracco

    5. Mangos are proof that heaven exists.

    Brad Esposito / BuzzFeed / Via

    6. Any day below 23 degrees is cold.

    7. And every other day it's HOT

    Dreamworks / Via

    8. There are issues on both sides of the law.


    "Working together in partnership to prevent crime."

    9. And you're well acquainted with your state's public transport system.

    10. XXXX is the perfect way to quench a thirst.

    11. You don't own an umbrella. / Via NBC

    12. But you do NEED an umbrella. Often.

    FOX / Via

    13. Because it doesn't rain in Queensland. Water just ERUPTS FROM THE SKY.

    FOX / Via

    14. In fact your weather isn't known for being 'predictable' or 'normal.'



    15. Every sentence needs to end with 'hey.'


    As in:

    "It's pretty fuckin' hot hey."

    16. And you're getting kinda tired of the predictable State Of Origin Series.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Another year, another win.

    17. Everyone's pretty laid back. Even the police.

    18. You know that the ocean is a shared space.

    Brad Esposito / BuzzFeed / Via

    19. This gives you the shivers.

    prabin silwal / Via

    Those were dark days

    20. Whether you agree with his policies or not, your Premier can be pretty funny.

    21. And you don't mind looking at the less-serious side of politics.

    22. You've never been to The Whitsundays but your friends from other states have.

    Marco Saracco/Marco Saracco

    23. November and Schoolies are the worst thing in the world.

    24. You have a precise understanding of both 'time' and 'daylight.'

    25. You steer clear of the theme park ridden Gold Coast unless you absolutely HAVE TO.

    26. And these things are the worst.


    27. But you're thankful every day that you live in such a beautiful state.

    Paul D'Ambra / Via
    Paul D'Ambra / Via
    leGuik / Via

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