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16 Things Australians Take For Granted

On the cusp of Australia Day, it's time for some reflection. What makes our country so great?

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1. Universal Healthcare

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2. Inclusive GST prices

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Because when something says its $10.00 IT SHOULD COST $10.

3. Food portions that make sense.

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Because Australians know that we don't need that extra kilo of fries.

4. Quality of fruit/vegetables/livestock

5. The beach


And the fact that most of us can get to one within 30 minutes.

6. Backyard and house size

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7. Quality public education

8. Freedom


No matter what those Brits say!

9. Multicultural society


10. Nature

11. A fair minimum wage

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So that you don't have to rely on tips (but they're still nice.)

12. Weather


Because it can never be TOO BEAUTIFUL.

13. Swimming Pools (in abundance.)


14. Sport

15. Gap year culture


We live in a country that EXPECTS high school graduates to go travelling!

16. Vegemite

I mean come on.

I mean come on.