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    Posted on 18 Mar 2014

    100 Things Australians Are Sick Of Hearing

    Foreigners take note.

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    1. G'day Mate.

    2. G'day [in general.]

    3. Taxi!

    4. Is everything upside down?

    5. Does the toilet flush the opposite way?

    6. Do you have a pet kangaroo?

    7. Do you ride kangaroos to work?

    8. Do you love Fosters?

    9. Wait, you have internet there?

    10. Crikey!

    11. OMG you're so lucky!

    12. I love Australia! I haven't been but I love it!

    13. Australia has THE BEST weather!

    14. We grew here you flew here.

    15. Fuck off we're full.

    16. 'Straya cunt.

    17. Australian accents are so hot.

    18. Do you surf?

    19. You're not that tan?

    20. Seriously why are you so white?

    21. What language do they speak in Australia?

    22. I'd love to travel to Australia but it's SO far away.

    23. Koala bears are so cute!

    24. I was SO sad when Steve Irwin died.

    25. Why is your country so mean to asylum seekers?

    26. I haven't been to Australia, but I've been to New Zealand.

    27. You sound like Steve Irwin/The Crocodile Hunter.

    28. Are there alligators everywhere?

    29. Does everybody surf?

    30. I'd love to visit but I'm too scared I'll be killed by an Australian animal.

    31. There's too many spiders!

    32. Isn't Australia just a desert?

    33. Have you ever found a spider in your toilet?

    34. You guys EAT kangaroo?!

    35. Get fucked.

    36. OMG I am so jealous.

    37. Who is the President?

    38. Sydney is the capital, right?

    39. Have you ever seen a shark?

    40. Do you really like vegemite?

    42. Stop the boats.

    43. Cricket is so boring.

    44. Climate change isn't real.

    45. Why is Australia so white?

    46. Do you get (insert American TV show/movie/food) there?

    47. Are there any black people there?

    48. I loved that movie! (Australia)

    49. This video is not available in your country.

    50. International shipping is $50.

    Flickr: tolomea / Creative Commons

    51. You spelled colour wrong.

    52. You spelled organise wrong.

    53. A dingo ate my baby!

    54. You don't *look* Australian

    55. So you're not English?

    56. Like, seriously, what's the deal there?

    57. Because you have the English flag INSIDE your flag?

    58. What country are your parents from?

    59. Hey bro.

    60. That's not a knife!

    61. Kangaroo Jack was shit.

    62. Say "Tuesday!"

    63. Say "water."

    64. Working Families

    65. Puck you.

    66. Quiche.

    67. Aussie Spirit.

    68. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

    69. All your animals have weird names

    70. Don't forget to wear sunscreen.

    71. Does it ever snow there?

    72. How do you have Christmas without snow?

    73. Does it even rain?

    74. It's so hot.

    75. Have you ever touched a koala bear?

    76. Koala-bear.

    77. You guys are all descended from convicts right?

    78. Do you know anyone in Neighbours?

    79. Oh, I have a cousin in Melbourne, do you know him?

    80. So you all play sport like all the time right?

    81. Wow there's a lot of Asians.

    82. I love Mel Gibson!

    83. I love Hugh Jackman!

    84. I love Chris Hemsworth!

    85. Is Dame Edna the Queen of Australia?

    86. Kyle and Jackie O are number one!

    87. Don't worry, you can watch it on Netflix.

    88. Illegal downloading is bad.

    89. You wouldn't *steal* a car.

    90. You can't have Christmas in summer.

    Flickr: commissariat / Creative Commons

    91. Hungry thirsty.

    92. Down down, prices are down.

    93. So is the Queen your boss?

    94. Can you play the didgeridoo?

    95. Well...can you throw a boomerang then?

    96. How's your internet?

    97. It must be good owning all that land.

    98. Australian made.

    99. Your call may be recorded for training purposes.

    100. Chuck another shrimp on the barbie.

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