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    So There's A Third Property Brother And He Looks Like The Early-’00s Version Of The Other Two

    "He's like an unlockable character."

    So this is JD Scott. He's brother to the well-known property twins Jonathan and Drew Scott, who host the hit renovation show...Property Brothers.

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    As you can see, it's clear JD is part of the family. He's a pretty normal-lookin' dude with all the characteristics of other members of the Scott clan. Look, the whole family was in People magazine.

    I have been getting texts, emails and social media messages all week from friends saying 'I saw you in @people maga…

    However, if we go back a few years, it becomes apparent that JD once had a very different life.

    I discovered the Other Property Brother by chance (basically someone at work showed me the Three Grinning Brothers picture and said "wtf is up with this?") and immediately began investigating. How could someone from such a well-known and respected family (the Property Family) have flown under the radar for so long? Especially when they look like a Dragon Ball Z character.

    this pic of the third Property Brother has me seriously messed up

    After tweeting out the pic it became pretty clear that, well, a lot of people were unaware of the Third Property Brother.

    when he was 12 the third property brother said he didn't like open plan living rooms, the other two shunned him and…

    Instead of going into the family business (Property), the third Property Brother followed his passion: Final Fantas…

    why does the third property brother look like Pete Wentz circa 2007

    @braddybb I'm a strong advocate of licencing reality tv producers. This would be at least a 6 month suspension

    I can't believe Adam lambert is the third property brother What CANT he do?


    JD's photo on the official Scott Brothers website (it exists, it's great) is another example of how he has chosen to differentiate himself from the Lesser Property Brothers.

    Apparently JD has written many scripts and articles over the years and has worked as an impersonator (David Bowie and – shock – Adam Lambert).

    Thank you to all the supportive and wonderful people out there. I'm blessed to have you along for this journey. 😃❤️

    Investigations also uncovered an "incredible" and entirely unbelievable theory – the Property Brothers aren't actually identical twins, but have had plastic surgery to make it appear as if they are.

    Really, it seems like JD's hair and look are probably from his days as an Adam Lambert impersonator. Here he is performing in Las Vegas:

    Facebook: MRJDSCOTT

    There was also a rumour that JD was a magician. He's not, although it'd be a career that suits him.

    Well, partially true. Not a magician although my mom says I'm magic. 😉 The good old emo hair has been put to rest,…

    @sprotsGAT The only magic I do at a party is disappearing before the clean up begins.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted JD to further discuss his, uh, hair.

    @broderick There ain't no escaping that scene hair. 😂