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Centrelink Is Monitoring Your Social Media To Figure Out If You're Lying

So, by-the-by, if you wanted to know the best ways to up your online privacy...

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Federal Government Investigators are working with Centrelink to fact-check claims made by welfare recipients against what they list on their social media accounts.

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The Daily Telegraph is reporting that the Department of Human Services has been collecting evidence from social media accounts, and even eBay, to prove people are making false Centrelink payment claims.

Some of the cases include two people who were claiming to both be single when their Twitter feed announced they were actually a couple expecting a baby together.


Others were selling belongings and products on eBay without listing their profits as revenue with Centrelink.

Now you shouldn’t try to rip off Centrelink, but in general, it’s always a good idea to check your privacy settings on social media. So, with that in mind, here's a few reminders about how to lock down your social media accounts.

We can't really help with the eBay thing.
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We can't really help with the eBay thing.

If you have Twitter, you can set your tweets to private by going to the security and privacy settings. This means only people who you follow can see your tweets. No one will be able to retweet your tweets.


Facebook is a little trickier, with a lot more options when it comes to setting up your privacy settings.

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By going here you can decide ~who~ can see your Facebook posts, as well as who can see what's on your profile.

This page allows you to choose who can see your interactions with your other Facebook friends.

Then, there's the advanced privacy settings.

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These settings allow you to pick who can tag you in photos, who can post on your Timeline, and who can see your photos and personal information; like relationship status and date of birth.

All up, we don't recommend cheating the government, because it's more than likely they'll find you, one way or another.

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