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    The Northern Territory Celebrated A Train's 10th Anniversary By Mooning It

    Today marked the tenth anniversary of The Ghan's arrival into Noonamah.

    A large crowd gathered to participate in what can only be described as 'moonamah.'

    ABC / Via

    GET IT?! MOON-A-MAH!!!

    Local TV reported the historic event.

    ABC / Via

    Trainspotters had gathered to replicate a ritual first performed on The Ghan's maiden voyage.

    ABC / Via

    Although some weren't there JUST for the 'ritual.'

    ABC / Via

    There were FLAGS in BUMS.

    ABC / Via

    Naked bums!


    And an array of different people.

    ABC / Via

    But this participant summed it up best:

    ABC / Via

    Even if the ABC's presenters were a little... embarrassed.

    ABC / Via

    Check out the FULL video here!

    View this video on YouTube

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