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Muslim People Are Really Pissed About This Viral Prank "Beheading" Video

"This goes against everything my religion represents. Stop convincing more and more to be terrified of Muslims!"

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Three brothers who make viral prank videos have angered Australia's Muslim community with their latest clip, which shows a fake public beheading.

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Max, Rebeen, and Arman Jalal having been making videos for the past 12 months, many of which focus on Muslim identity. In February this year, the Jalals were arrested by counterterrorism police following a video that showed them pointing fake AK-47s at people.

Facebook: jalalbros

The Jalals were charged with public nuisance offences and were barred from posting videos until mid-March, when the court ban on them posting was lifted.


The video has been shared more than 120,000 times and has racked up thousands of comments, many of which criticise the Jalals' latest video trend and slam the brothers for making Islam look like it "is all about violence".


Previously, the Jalals have been caught out using friends and family in their videos and lying about the reactions being totally unplanned.

Facebook: jalalbros

The Jalals told BuzzFeed News that the bystanders in this video were genuine. They also said "ftp", which is an acronym for "fuck the police".


Muslim-rights campaigner and lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh took to her Twitter account to condemn the Jalal brothers, calling them "douchebags" who "exploit innocent bystanders".

#Jalals are douchbags - exploiting & traumatizing innocent bystanders for their own sick, contemptible amusement.

A spokesperson for Victoria police told BuzzFeed News they were aware of the video and will be seeking legal advice on whether the video violated any previous restrictions put on the brothers.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Islamic Council of Victoria for comment.