The Guy Who Flashed Everyone At Eurovision Could Face Jail Time

    You might remember Vitalii Sediuk, who calls himself a prankster, from the 2013 Grammy Awards, when he tried to interrupt Adele's Best Solo Pop Performance acceptance speech.

    The Ukrainian interior minister has been reported as saying prankster Vitalii Sediuk could be facing anything from a fine up to jail time, after Sediuk rushed the stage of Eurovision 2017 draped in an Australian flag and flashed the audience.

    Midway through 2016 Eurovision champion Jamala's performance at the weekend, Seduik, wrapped in an Australian flag, jumped onto stage and pulled down his pants.

    The stunt was broadcast live to millions and prompted a huge reaction on social media from people who believed the prankster was Australian.

    Europe: "Let's invite Australia, what could go wrong?" Australia:

    This is why you should never, ever invite Australians to your party. #eurovision

    Eurovision: Do you promise to behave yourselves? Australia: Yes. Eurovision: Do you PROMISE? Australia: [pulls down trousers] #Eurovision

    The Ukrainian "humorist" has been in the news before – famously storming the stage of the 2013 Grammy awards while Adele accepted her award for Best Solo Pop Performance. He also launched himself at Brad Pitt in 2014.

    Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's minister for internal affairs, wrote in a post on his Facebook that Sediuk had been detained following the stunt. Reuters reports that after being detained for 72 hours, Sediuk will face charges of hooliganism.

    "This is a disgrace to the country," wrote Avakov. "He will be able to exercise [his] 'hobby' in a prison cell in a temporary holding facility."