"The Block" Ended In The Worst Possible Way And Now Everyone's Sad


    Australian renovation reality show "The Block" just ended with a huge, sad, depressing, very upsetting, dumb-dumb anti-climax.

    So, we need to discuss a few things.

    1. The overall profit was SO LOW :'(

    The agents commission would have been more than the last three contestants made #theblock


    Wow the block was shocking. I feel for them. Imagine working months n investing so much in an aptmt, n earning only $10k frm it. Crazy.


    Did couples get paid while on @TheBlock9. if not I've made more in 3 months watching than two of the couple did on it #theblockauction


    10k for 3 months work, thats $416 each a week...for that effort of work. Gutting #theblock

    5. And the reserves were so high :'(((((((((((((

    Seriously, WTF. The reserves on #TheBlock are so high it's near-impossible for contestants to win money? So, 3 months of slave DIY labour?


    God, I feel uncomfortable watching this #TheBlock


    I just wanna hug all the contestants of the block and make them a huge chocolate cake tell them everything's gonna be alright


    What a crap ending for the last three couples on #theblock that might put off a few entrants for next yr yikes #unlucky


    I'm not watching The Block anymore bc now I'm sad


    my year schooling life is like the block; ive worked for 13 years, and will only end up with a 20 atar at the end of it

    11. And no one wanted to be a contestant anymore :( :'(( :'(

    Who wants to be a contestant on the The Block now? Hahaha NOT ME! #theblock

    12. No one was happy :'(

    Tbhhh I did not spend three months watching this show every day for an unhappy ending. #theblock


    Did I actually just shed a tear over real estate? Holy shit, I need to get out. #TheBlock #SingleLife


    Saddest win ever. Congrats #ShannonandSimon. @TheBlock9 #theblock


    I don't know what just happened on the block but I'm not having none of that

    16. And the overall blocking of "The Block" became a real reality.

    The Block is a popular TV show but also the move I perform whenever I see any updates relating to that show.


    Nothing says "Watch our next series of #TheBlock" like a room full of crying contestants who just made almost no money. #theblockauction


    I don't normally swear on the internet but FUCK YOU @TheBlock9

    19. But really, we got what we deserved.

    This is karma for all of you actually watching the Block.


    21. And it's important to put things in perspective.

    The Block paid for your wedding guys and $40k is $40k more than a lot of people earn in a year. #theblock

    All we can do now is be strong.

    And stoic.

    And and and and...