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    The Avalanches Just Released Their First Single In 16 Years

    The electronic music group are back with "Frankie Sinatra".

    After a 16-year hibernation, The Avalanches have returned.

    A comeback like no other @TheAvalanches #FrankieSinatra Now playing with @zanelowe

    The Australian electronic music group's new track, called "Frankie Sinatra", features Danny Brown and MF Doom as well as a series of samples from The Sound of Music and Rodgers and Hammerstein.

    "Frankie Sinatra" isn't yet available for purchase, however Zane Lowe played the track on his Apple Music radio show. The cult band also announced their 21-track new album, Wildflower, will be released on July 8.

    After the track played through for the first time on Australian youth radio station Triple J, Twitter went into absolute meltdown.

    god i love the avalanches. you can really hear how much they love music in their music

    The Avalanches remind me why I even care about music in the first place.

    I was sceptical but MF Doom and The Avalanches together. What magic.

    In the middle of Sydney with no headphones, listening to @zanelowe interview @TheAvalanches via iPhone speaker in an alley. So so keen.

    fun fact: the new @TheAvalanches song #FrankieSinatra is actually a live recording of @cypresshill playing at a bar mitzvah

    There's also a wild music video to go along with the song.

    View this video on YouTube

    The Avalanches are back, baby!!


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