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Thank The Lord, Arnott's Is Finally Bringing Back The OG Shapes

Sweet merciful visible-flavour Jesus.

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Arnott's will be bringing back the original Pizza Shapes flavour that was controversially changed earlier this year.

Shapes fans were left absolutely furious in February when Arnott's changed its Shapes recipe to feature much less visible "flavour" in a bid to re-vamp the biscuit.

Australians across the country began hoarding the original Shapes when the announcement was first made, buying up dozens of boxes from their local supermarkets, while Facebook feeds were filled with images of people lighting the new Shapes on fire, and throwing boxes in the bin as Australians revolted.

Global communications manager for Arnott's, Nicky Thomson, told that sales of original Barbecue Shapes had dropped 34% since the decision to change the recipe.

"What we have on shelf is dictated by what people buy," she said, denying the decision to change the Shape recipe was a mistake.