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    Teletubbies Are Actually Like 10 Feet Tall And People Are Shook


    A recent Tumblr post has resulted in people all over the world realising a disturbing and troublesome fact – popular children's characters the Teletubbies are actually gigantic monstrosities of evolution.

    A quote from the story is pretty freaky to say the least:

    "Though onscreen the Fab Four appear to be a baby-friendly size, in 'person' they are gargantuan, bigger than Barney, bigger even than Big Bird. Po, the smallest, is 6 ft. 6 in., while Tinky Winky looms around 10 ft. tall. This makes for a costume that weighs more than 30 lbs. And if the performers, who see and breathe through the mouth holes, keep their heads on too long, there is a danger of carbon-dioxide buildup," it says.

    Yep, Tinky Winky, the oldest, purple Teletubby is a whopping 10 feet tall (305cm).

    The Tumblr thread discussing this insane data has been reblogged over 70,000 times, and also features a photo of Tinky Winky looming over a real human.

    I would like to go on record as saying I do not like this either.

    People are understandably shaken by the whole thing.

    me: [trying to sleep] my brain: tinky winky from teletubbies is 10 feet tall. hes absolutely massive. he could crus…


    i just found out that tinky winky from the teletubbies is 10 feet tall and i don't really know how to feel

    i didnt want to know that the freaking teletubbies were like 10 ft tall

    the teletubbies are British and the biggest one is 10 feet tall

    i just found out that the teletubbies are 10 feet tall and everything is so much more sinister now

    i just saw a post on tumblr about how the teletubbies are over 6ft tall - tinky winky is 10ft - and i immediately texted my mom about it

    Man, it's a real perspective-shaker finding out Po from "The Teletubbies" is 6 1/2 feet tall

    BuzzFeed News has contacted the BBC, which broadcasts the show in the UK, to clarify if it's just the Teletubby costumes that are huge, or whether the characters themselves are scary, multicoloured giants.