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    Australian Politicians Are Competing To Prove They Care About Strawberries

    Strawberries ... are good.

    1. Politicians across the country are currently trying to show their support for strawberry farmers after the industry was faced with a contamination problem involving multiple reports of berries filled with sewing needles.

    Visiting strawberry growers in the Yarra Ranges. #cutthemupdontcutthemout

    2. After hyping up the media and declaring they'll increase the punishment for anyone found engaging in "food terrorism", politicians are now wondering why people aren't buying strawberries!!!!

    Craig Kelly just took half a dozen punnets of strawberries into Parliament and claimed eating them can stop you going bald. We have officially jumped the shark.

    3. You can put them on cupcakes.

    ‘Berry’ happy to continue to support our #QldStrawberry farmers. #thanks @QueenslandParl1 for this #delicious #strawberry 🍓#cupcake 🍰 #Strawberrylove #StrawberryWeek

    4. Or cut them up.

    🍓 CUT ‘EM UP, DON’T CUT ‘EM OUT! 🍓 Let’s all support our strawberry industry! Buy a punnet or two and be sure to carefully wash and cut them before eating. The Federal Government is announcing tough new laws to target criminals who contaminate our food. #smashastrawb

    5. You can just...hold them up outside a store.

    I’m urging South Australians to keep supporting our local strawberry growers. Cut them up, don’t cut them out. #SouthAustralia #Buylocal

    6. Or, if you wanna go the way of the PM, you can deliver an emotional monologue supporting strawberry farmers and expressing your disgust at those sabotaging the industry.

    Sabotaging our strawberries is sabotaging our farmers. It’s not right. It’s not on. It's a crime.

    7. Some went for the fruit platter route.

    Australia has a strong record on food safety. I encourage everyone to support our half a billion dollar strawberry industry by continuing to buy fruit. #australianag #agriculture


    Cut them up, don’t cut them out! ⁦@AlboMP⁩ and I supporting #Strawberry farmers at parliament tonight

    9. Others posed for totally normal videos.

    State MPs are urging West Australians to keep eating our locally grown strawberries and to cut them up before consuming to ensure they’re needle free. Here are the WA Nationals team and earlier Premier Mark McGowan had his own strawberry lunch @abcperth #wapol


    The @ScottMorrisonMP govt will introduce tougher criminal penalties tomorrow following the sabotage of strawberries. Please back our #strawberryfarmers. See

    11. Or like, shared clips from popular culture...involving strawberries.

    Cut up the berries, don't cut out the farmers! I can vouch that @annabelcrabb's 'Strawberry Shorten cake' is a winner. 🍓🍓🍓

    12. Hell, why not go on national TV to prove your love of the berry.

    Speers, Fitzgibbon & Barnaby Joyce eating strawberries live in air

    13. Or this.

    Happily showing my support for chopped strawberries - multiple times! #strawberrylove #strawberry #auspol

    14. Make a little strawberry trifle...

    QLD MP Scott Buchholz shares strawberries with the press gallery this afternoon. Only too happy to #smashastrawb

    15. Or fast forward your way through parliament handing out strawberries to the masses.

    Supporting our Queensland Strawberry Farmers and Dairy Farmers this afternoon with 'Scotty's Special Strawberry Sundae' for the Canberra Press Gallery. Cut them up, don't cut them out! @QLDstrawberries @SkyNewsAust @7NewsBrisbane @9NewsAUS @channeltennews

    16. A personal fav is the mini pav / chocolate strawberry option.

    Following @ScottMorrisonMP suggestion and serving strawberries on mini pavs and chocs to support our farmers while we thank @lyndalcurtis for her wonderful work producing #PyneAndMarles on @SkyNewsAust - 1PM Eastern on Fridays. #auspol

    17. But you could always just sit down and help yourself to a big ol' bowl.

    Offering my good mate @KenWyattMP some freshly chopped strawberries 🍓#CutThemUpDontCutThemOut #supportourfarmers

    18. Strawberries: The pollies lov'em!

    #Strawberries Wash em, cut em, eat em #SupportTheFarmers