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    14 Things That Definitely Happened At Stereosonic 2014


    1. Skrillex wore this shirt:

    2. This guy #shredded in his own unique way.

    3. These guys played dress-up.

    4. This guy drank out of his shoe.

    5. Whatever this is happened.

    6. This guy got cake thrown at him by Steve Aoki.

    7. Karl Stefanovic introduced Peking Duk.

    Facebook: video.php

    8. These guys got an opportunity to show off their #gains.

    9. These moes were unleashed for one extra day.

    10. A couple people spun around.

    11. These guys "danced."

    12. This guy did *this* on a toilet.

    13. This girl carted around a flamingo.

    14. And ultimately, the next day, this happened.

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