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This Cafe Serves Its Food In Egg Cartons Because It Can't Offer "Dine In" Yet

They're also colourful *and* biodegradable.

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Stepping Stone cafe in Melbourne, Australia, has a slightly... different way of presenting its food.

Using biodegradable egg cartons, the cafe serves sandwiches and "dipping eggs" in the colourful packaging.

Instagram: @steppingstonemelb

The cafe is a just a small house, but has plans to expand. Currently Stepping Stone is only allowed to trade from the front of the premises and can't offer "dine in" plates.

And so the food is mostly presented in takeaway packaging, cafe manager Lex Clayman told BuzzFeed News. "We then researched the material that we could use which will make very little or no impact to the environment."

Instagram: @steppingstonemelb

The cartons are treated with food safety spray and used only once.

Clayman said the reaction to the unique plating had been "overwhelmingly positive". Even some of those who expressed mixed feelings on social media have headed to the cafe to try it out.

Instagram: @steppingstonemelb

Stepping Stone also uses halved coconuts as bowls, and there are apparently lots of other ideas and concepts in the works.

Instagram: @steppingstonemelb

So, if you're in the mood for some eggy bread sticks, served right out of the carton, you know exactly where to go.