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    24 Things Only People Who Went To Steiner School Will Understand

    Eurythmy all day erryday.

    1. Eurythmy is something you love to hate and hate to love.

    2. The morning verse is something you can still remember.

    (If you try hard enough)

    3. This is probably something you had in your classroom:

    4. You were on a first-name basis with a lot of your teachers.

    5. You made a bowl out of a complete block of wood with nothing more than sandpaper and a gouge.

    6. You know the versatility of beeswax.

    7. Not many people had televisions (or if they did they didn't watch them much) so there wasn't much talk about shows.


    8. You struggled to explain to non-Steiner kids what a Main Lesson was.

    "It's like a class... but it goes, for, like... a few weeks? And it's a few hours every morning? It's good."

    9. But at the same time your books always looked incredible:

    10. You' were ~all about~ these coloured pencils.

    11. And you're familiar with this face when you try to explain Steiner education to someone.

    12. This was you once:

    13. Your school hangout spots looked... different.

    14. You're very much familiar with dyed silk and lacquered wood.

    15. And you probably felt like this more than once:

    16. The Medieval Festival was an actual thing that you actually did.

    View this video on YouTube

    17. As you got older, you were restricted to writing with these:

    18. Everyone was always waiting for this to happen at every Advent Spiral:

    19. And every birthday meant one thing: carrot cake.

    Flickr: susievision / Creative Commons

    20. You know the horror of the stench of the blue paint.


    21. Recorder class was... interesting.

    22. You know all about going to school in buildings that try their best to avoid right angles.

    23. You know the pinecone is (apparently) the greatest toy out there.

    24. And you know the deep, deep horror of any Steiner camp.

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