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    Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate Caitlin Stasey's Drawing Skills

    You gotta have skills. All the cool kids have skills.

    Caitlin Stasey, eternal BAMF, feminist and cereal lover is โ€“ so you know โ€“ also a really good artist.

    Here is a walrus she drew. The walrus is wearing a bikini โ€“ because society's views on what is and isn't acceptable walrus clothing are sick and wrong.

    And here's a shark. It's a nice shark, innit.

    She collabs with her mates to make funny jokes. Because we all need laughter. You know that.

    Here's another walrus. Do you sense the theme? Do you see the symbolism? Neither. I don't think there is any but it's still cool AF.

    This is a rhino but if you look at its front foot it kinda looks like braided hair. Not sure if that is also a choice, but still cool.

    And this is an octopus. But also a girl. Maybe the octopus is the girl's hair - like some sort of quasi-Greek mythology character? Or maybe its just an octopus on some poor girl's head. But she seems calm, so I doubt that.

    And this is a girl with hair and skulls.

    Caitlin appreciates the finer things. The things that need appreciating. Like sloths.

    This is cool because she turned her drawing into a tangible sculpture of sorts. With paper! Cool as fuck.

    This is a Dalmatian โ€“ the well-respected and supreme canineโ€“ with pink spots.

    And this is a cow โ€“ the not-respected enough "manatee of the land"โ€“ with pink spots.

    Anyway, that's all. Continue to slay Stasey. Continue to slay.

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